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Science in Retail

When scientists, technology and business expertise join together



Bringing science in the retail


Shopper Movement





We deploy our technology for one or two days in store to measure the real behaviour of the shoppers in your category or store.
We collect data with our proprietary technologies and build models directly linked with the reality of the store.


We study the shopper behaviour models built from our in store-data, sales-data and our experience in order to extract the relevant insights and levers relative to your question.


From the insights, we bring business answers to your in store problem :
Hear some questions from our clients:

“Can I learn from my past mistakes
and make my business grow ?”

Understand your current concepts to harness their strength, avoid their weaknesses and find the optimal combination of new and old for a growing and profitable business.

“How can I increase the recruitment to
my category?”

By understanding the drivers in the category, the destination products that bring shoppers to your shelf, and how they explore and read your category.

“Will my new promo display convert
more to purchase?”

Having a grasp on what really goes on in the point of sales can tell you how much your promotional display is actually recruiting, if it’s driving people to your category and making your business grow.

“What do my customers purchase together?
Why? And how can I activate that?”

Discover opportunities for cross-selling, for generating impulse and increasing the satisfaction of your customers. Create a dynamic offer and make your business grow.

Here are some of our clients:


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